The 3 Things I Learned From a JustEat Driver

Frank Buckler, PhD.
2 min readMar 8, 2022


Every morning I am cycling to work. This year I decided to not take the direct route but to cycle thru the park along beautiful canals. Suddenly I passed by the Italian embassy that had a mobile coffee booth in front of it. Here I met Arnd Hallemeier – a JustEast food bicyclist. (JustEat is the equivalent of UBER Eats — and branded Lieferando in Germany) For weeks every morning Arnd and I talk and I am amazed at how much I learned from him about Customer Experience management.

These are the three pillars I would bundle my learnings

The 3 Things I Learned From a JustEat Driver

#1 Be interested in other people

When I met Arnd for the first time, he was leaning in admiration over my bike. “It’s a racing frame,” he said. I didn’t know and of the cause was flattered.

After meeting him more often, I realized how many other people just like me were stopping by every morning to have a coffee — at this VERY lonely coffee booth. Arnd knows all of them.

How? He simply is interested in them. And he spends time — one hour each day. He loves to meet people and enjoys company.

After stopping by every morning, I believe that people are not just taking a coffee break because of the magnificent coffee. They now enjoy meeting strangers.

Actually, because of Arnd, I know many others now too. I know Philipp the construction worker, Jan the banker, Doro the accountant.

#2 Proactively communicate possible challenges and show empathy

Arnd told me about his job. Whenever there is the slightest delay — he calls the recipient giving background on the delay in person. The result — doubling tips.

Sometimes the food delivery is not complete. Arnd immediately takes photographs of everything promising to handle in the complaint. The result — immediate doubling tips. He turns a complaint into praise.

Thinking in the hearts and minds of customers will automatically bring you to these actions. Customers will thank you for this.

#3 Hire people who want to get paid for their hobby

Now, this is the bummer. Arnd is 67. He could stay home end enjoy retirement. Instead, when retiring he hired a coach on how to maximize his life expectancy.

The insight: become a JustEat bike driver and even spend holidays with bike trips crossing continents.

Arnd works because he loves cycling. And he even gets paid for his hobby.

When you are looking for your next customer-facing hire: look for people who love to do the job as a hobby. Your customers will be raving.


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